About FixMowers

At FixMowers, our mission is simple yet profound: to help the most people in need of mower maintenance and repair guidance possible.

We're dedicated to providing those in need with the essential knowledge and resources to maintain their lawnmower to keep hard-earned money where it belongs - in your pocket.

Our Values

At FixMowers, our values define who we are. We take great pride in our commitment to:

  1. Helping You Save Money: We provide top-quality information and resources to help you save on costly repair and maintenance services.
  2. Top-Quality Information: We deliver reliable, up-to-date, professional guidance for your lawnmower repair needs.
  3. Extending Lawn Mower Lifespan: We're dedicated to keeping your lawnmower running longer, reducing waste, and being environmentally responsible.

By embracing these values, we're your trusted resource for efficient, affordable, and eco-friendly lawnmower maintenance.

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Our Team

FixMowers guides are written by, and reviewed by, qualified mower mechanics and lawn care industry professionals.

Jean Harris

Founder and writer for FixMowers. Jean has 25+ years of experience troubleshooting and repairing lawn mowers professionaly.

Heather Harris

Photographer and editor for FixMowers. Heather has a landscaping and gardening background and a lifelong passion for photography.

Review Team

All content on FixMowers is peer reviewed by experienced professionals in the lawn mower and small engine industries.

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