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Mower Maintenance Tips

Proper lawn mower maintenance is essential for a lush, healthy lawn and to ensure your mower's longevity, typically spanning 10-15 years. Regular mower maintenance is the key to peak performance throughout the season.

You have two options: Learn about lawn mower maintenance or request professional mower services. Regardless, schedule annual maintenance that takes just a few hours. FixMowers will show you how to maintain your mower effectively and extend its lifespan.

Mower Mistakes to Avoid

FixMowers recommends you avoid these common mower mistakes, regardless of brand or model.

  1. Overfill with Oil: Don't overfill the oil reservoir as it can lead to engine damage.
  2. Neglect Blade Maintenance: Don't neglect blade sharpening, as dull blades can tear grass, leading to an unhealthy lawn.
  3. Ignore Air Filter: Don't ignore a clogged or dirty air filter, as it can strain the engine and reduce efficiency.
  4. Keep a Dirty Deck: Don't leave grass clippings and debris on the mower deck, as it can lead to rust and blockage.
  5. Use Old Fuel: Don't use old or stale gasoline, as it can cause engine problems and affect performance.
  6. Forget to Disconnect Spark Plug: Don't forget to disconnect the spark plug before performing maintenance to prevent accidental starts.
  7. Cut Wet Grass: Don't mow wet grass, as it can cause clumping and damage the mower.
  8. Store with a Full Tank: Don't store your mower with a full tank of gas, as it can lead to fuel deterioration and carburetor issues.
  9. Tilt Incorrectly: Don't tilt your mower the wrong way when cleaning or performing maintenance, as it can damage the engine or lead to oil leaks.
  10. Neglect Preseason Check: Don't skip a preseason maintenance check, as this can result in poor performance when you need it most.

Fixing Old Mowers

Maintaining old vintage mowers can pose a challenge due to discontinued parts and lack of support. However, it can be worth repairing an old vintage mower, particularly if preserving a piece of history, sentimental value, or a cost-effective solution is a priority for you.

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