Great Dane Mower History

I'm particularly smitten with the Great Dane super surfer model of lawn mower, it zips around my yard like a ninja on roller skates (well, almost).

A lot has changed with Great Dane mowers over the years, and I find their history fascinating. I think you might, too.

Great Dane is a brand known for manufacturing commercial and residential lawn mowers.

The history of Great Dane mowers dates back to the mid-20th century. Here's a brief overview of their history:

Early Years

Great Dane Mower History

The Great Dane brand was founded in 1969 by Dane Scag, who started the Scag Power Equipment company with the goal of producing high-quality commercial lawn mowers.

Great Dane initially gained recognition for its innovative design and high-performance mowers.

Zero-Turn Mower

Great Dane played a significant role in popularizing zero-turn mowers, which are known for their maneuverability and efficiency in cutting grass.

The company introduced some of the earliest zero-turn models in the industry, which helped establish the brand as a leader in the commercial lawn care market.

Innovation and Expansion

Over the years, Great Dane continued to innovate and improve its mower designs.

The brand focused on developing mowers that were not only efficient but also durable and user-friendly.

As a result, they gained a reputation for producing reliable equipment that could handle the demands of professional landscapers.

Acquisitions and Changes

In 2000, Great Dane was acquired by John Deere, a well-known manufacturer of agricultural machinery.

This acquisition helped Great Dane expand its market presence and benefit from John Deere's resources and distribution network.

Modern Times

Great Dane continued to refine its mower designs and technologies to meet the evolving needs of lawn care professionals and homeowners.

They offered a range of mowers, including stand-on mowers, walk-behind mowers, and zero-turn mowers, catering to various segments of the lawn care market.

Many Great Dane mowers designed by Dane Scag are still in use today.

Great Dane Zero-Turn Mower

Specifications of Great Dane's Model 99460300 Mower

Engine BrandKawasaki
Starting System12-Volt Key Start
Engine Cycle4-Cycle
HP and CC23 HP - 674 cc
Fuel Tank Size6 Gallons
Engine Cylinders2 Cylinders
Torque40.2 Lbs
Battery IncludedIncluded
Riding Mower Weight930 LBS (422 Kg)
Consumer Warranty2 Years
Commercial Warranty2 Years
Cutting Options2-in-1 (Side-Discharge/Mulch)
Deck Material7-Gauge
Deck ConstructionWelded
Blades3 Blades
Deck Positions14 Positions
Cutting Width52 Inches
Cutting Height1.5-4.5 Inches
Deck Lift SystemManual
EngagementOgura GT1A Electric Clutch
Deck DriveBelt
Maximum Speed9 MPH
Maximum Reverse Speed4.5 MPH
Drive WheelsRear Wheels
Transmission TypeHydrostatic
Drive SystemHydrostatic
Rear BaggerNo
Engine GuardNo
Hour MeterIncluded
Arm RestsNo
Mulcher KitSold Separately
Front Tire Size13 x 5 Inch
Front AxleSwivel
Rear Tire Size20 x 8 Inch
Tire TypePneumatic Wheels

Can You Still Get Parts for Great Dane Mowers?

If you're looking for parts for your Great Dane mower, I recommend the following steps:

  1. Contact Dealerships: Reach out to authorized John Deere dealerships in your area. They might be able to assist you in finding the parts you need or suggest alternatives that are compatible with your Great Dane mower.
  2. Online Retailers: Check online platforms specializing in lawn mower parts and accessories. Make sure to provide detailed information about your mower's model and the specific part you need to ensure compatibility.
  3. Aftermarket Parts: Explore aftermarket parts manufacturers that produce replacement parts for a wide range of mower brands. These parts might be compatible with Great Dane mowers.
  4. Lawn Care Forums: Join online forums and communities dedicated to lawn care and mowers. These platforms could provide valuable insights and recommendations for finding parts for older Great Dane mowers.
  5. Official Resources: Check the official website of John Deere or Scag Power Equipment (since they acquired Great Dane) for any information about parts availability, support, or guidance on obtaining parts for older models.
  6. Used Parts: Consider exploring salvage yards or online marketplaces for used mower parts.

Be cautious when purchasing used parts, you may not get a refund, and triple check all part details.

I can tell you from first hand experience that many parts LOOK the same, until you need to line up bolt holes and find they aren't EXACTLY the same.

It happens with old or obscure mowers that underwent yearly design changes.

Who Bought Great Dane Mowers?

John Deere, the well-known manufacturer of agricultural and lawn care equipment, acquired the Great Dane brand in 2000.

This acquisition allowed John Deere to expand its product offerings and strengthen its presence in the commercial and residential lawn mower market.

Can a Lawn Mower last 20 years?

Yes, a lawn mower can potentially last for 20 years or even longer with proper care, maintenance, and usage.

Great Dane mowers are a perfect example of long-lasting mowers, many are still in use today, after 40 years!

What Company Owns Scag Power Equipment?

Scag Power Equipment is owned by Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc. Metalcraft of Mayville is a company that specializes in residential lawn mowers and debris/turf management equipment.